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Honor Code

Any form of academic dishonesty is a serious crime in our society. In the case of study courses, this deception could lead to removal from the course. Academic dishonesty in coursework or any activity in which a student is using Ta3leem platform and its resources can lead to separation from a learning community. Therefore, it is imperative that every student and professor understands academic honesty standards and how to avoid dishonesty through appropriate recognition of intellectual indebtedness.

Ta3leem Academic Honor Code states that by registering for a specific online course, you agree to:

  • Complete all tests and assignments myself, unless expressly permitted to collaborate on an assignment

  • Keeping only one user account and not allowing anyone else to use my username and / or password.

  • Not to engage in any activity that improves my results in a dishonest manner or improves or harms the results of others.

  • Not publishing answers to the problems that are used to evaluate students' performance.